We help companies organize, manage, and administer wellness programs. We can provide your company with initiatives that motivate your employees to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. All company sizes, industries, and departments can benefit from corporate wellness solutions..

On-Going Initiatives

Need Speakers for Lunch & Learns or Webinars? We can provide healthcare and wellness experts.

Wellness Coaching

Health Coaching Have an employee that would benefit from some one-on-one assistance to improve their health?

At Total Wellness, we believe that every single organization in America should actively monitor the efficacy of their wellness initiatives, whether that means tracking ROI or tracking their health outcomes.

Proactive wellness programs which use a heavy dose of data in decision-making can become one of the most effective means by which you can lower your healthcare costs. That’s why we want to give you the tools that you need to effectively measure the ROI of your wellness initiatives, and dig deeper to better understand the efficacy of your wellness program beyond simple dollars and cents.

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